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Aw Tee Hong


Born between 1929-1932, Aw Tee Hong has practiced art for over half a century. He has painted relentlessly, producing new works and exploring new styles, in pursuit of his artistic ambitions and excellence.


Aw was one of the few local artists who are versatile and proficient in many art forms and medium. A master of controlling the nuances of Chinese brush, Aw’s extensive background in Chinese calligraphy and ink painting was a cornerstone in his work. The weaving lines and curves that were apparent in his pencil sketches of nudes and landscape, the fluidity and simplicity in his presentation of his subjects and objects were simply admirable.


Most known for his oil and acrylic paintings, in particular his manifestation of the mood and lights of scenery captured on his canvas, Aw has devoted much of his energy and life in recording the transformation of rapidly urbanizing Singapore. In so doing, he visually recorded the many disappeared street scenes and cityscapes in his large-scale oil painting masterpieces.

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